Advanced Technology for Business Mobile Phones

Everyday we see a further advance in the technology and science of mobile phones. Just when we have finished shaking our heads at the last amazing breakthrough, a new innovation comes onto the market - now designers tend to be focusing their efforts on data capture solutions and the business world. How can remote workers be managed cost effectively? How can real time information be transferred within business processes even faster?

Streamlining remote working

More and more businesses employees are finding they are working remotely rather than at one set station. In order to deal with changes and structure effective mobile workforce management, the business mobile phone has been essential in creating an immediate form of communication between remote worker and his base management. It also allows the worker to communicate more effectively with the client. If there is a need for delays or spontaneous meetings, the mobile phone is streamlining business processes, enhancing customer interaction and ultimately increasing efficiency and productivity.

The problem has always been transferring complex information real-time from a workforce working remotely to the business hub. Any delay (i.e. waiting for the employee to return to base; create and the information on another application such as a laptop;) could lead to missed sales opportunities; information just being lost because it could not be retained appropriately; or customer relations suffering.

Data capture solutions for the work environment

Along with the big names such as Nokia, Vodaphone Blackberry and Orange, esay have taken the problem data capture in the business world and produced the Workmobile which apart from answering the above problems it could well lead to reducing overheads for businesses. For instance - no need for those heavy laptops anymore!

Workmobile works with all other big mobile phone companies and offers a streamlined data capture solution. It allows the business manager to create bespoke forms which are related to the information which is needed within any Job role. The employee working remotely is able to bring up the form on his mobile phone (any make of mobile phone) and immediately fill in the appropriate details and information as he receives them. When submitted his head office receives them in seconds and can act on them straight away.

This could have an enormous effect on business processes and current methods. It could be used in the private and public sector for such work as questionnaires, petitions, customer transactions, lead generation, and credit applications. The feeling is it could even have an effect in the medical world as well. If you take a scenario where an employee becomes unwell while working abroad, validation of insurance which is always needed before treatment could be forwarded in real time.

It must also mean processes themselves will become more effective and efficient. The employee would not be under so much pressure to retain information until he can forward the information through another application; bigger and more expensive hardware could take more of a backseat, (so reducing costs) and the employee is more free to create further positive production.