From Fingerprint Picking, Possible Advanced Technology Development Such As Doping Inspection

David A of the English yeast of University of East Anglia ,as for Russell professor, with fingerprint picking, detailed health state and the like of the person in question the research dissertation ““Intelligent” Fingerprinting regarding diagnostic possible new technology: The announcement of Simultaneous Identification of Drug Metabolites and Individuals with Antibody-Functionalized Nanoparticles” it did. It is published to the scientific journal “Angewandte Chemie” just published.

Whether or not in the same research which was advanced by the researcher of University of East Anglia and the research team which consists of the scientist of English (King's College), as an early stage, the subject the smoker it succeeds in distinguishing accurately, due to fingerprint picking. When the nicotine metabolite is inspected from the sweat which comes in contact with the fingerprint surface the system which reacts is developed, assumes that distinction of the smoker/the non smoker was actualized easily.

Although it could use the gold nano- particle which sets the antibody which is connected with ‘intelligence’, as for Russell professor, the antibody which is connected with another substance is used to the same distinction, if is, when just does fingerprint picking, acquisition of the colorful information regarding the health state of the person in question becomes possible, it has explained. For example, because it is possible, to keep distinguishing the information to discernment solution whether the medicine is used, whether alcohol was drunk, whether it took in the food of specification, you say that it is used even in doping inspection and alcoholic detection and the like.